Foundational beliefs

There is one God who is manifested in three distinct personalities: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • God is the creator of what is both seen and unseen.
  • Sin entered the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Every member of the human race was born with a sin nature and has personally committed sins which have separated them from God.
  • If a person remains spiritually separated from God at the time of their physical death, they will remain separated from Him for eternity.
  • God loves each of us. He personally came to Earth. His purpose in coming was to provide himself as a substitution for our sentence of death. This was accomplished through his sacrificial death on the cross.
  • This sacrificial death is the only means by which a person can be forgiven of their sins and re-establish a relationship with God.
  • An individual’s salvation can only occur through faith in the redemptive act of Jesus on the cross. We are saved by grace through our faith in the blood of Christ alone.
  • We believe in believer’s baptism. Baptism is the outward testimony of a repentant heart that has responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to be saved. It is the testimony that a person has joined with Christ in his death and resurrection to cleanse us from our sins. Salvation is by faith alone in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. While baptism is not what saves us, it is required as our first act of obedience in salvation.
  • Jesus now holds the sole role of savior of the world. In the future, he will come again with his angels to act as judge of both the living and dead.
  • The Bible is the sole, inspired word of God. It is not the creation of human beings. Its message and truth is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is also not an “evolutionary” document. It is the only infallible source of guidance for all things relating to the life of a church and a believer.
  • The church is neither a building nor organization. The church is a family which is bound together by agape love and a common family head which is God the Father.
  • For a person to be a saved believer, they must be born again. As a born again believer, we testify to the death of our old nature and our becoming a new creation in Christ through baptism by immersion.
  • Every person who is born again through their faith in the atoning death of Christ for their sins becomes indwelled by the very Spirit of God. This actual Spiritual presence in the new believer enables them to live a new and radically different spiritual life.
  • Every life is sacred and precious to God. This life begins at conception and must be provided every honor and protection.
  • We believe in the sanctity of marriage. By marriage we believe that there is only one union that meets the biblical definition. This union is between a man and a woman. We believe that God defines love rather than love defining God. While love is a hall mark truth of the Christian faith, God alone defines when relationships are acceptable or not acceptable. We reject that the notion or teaching that society or governmental institutions are the providers of these truths.
  • There is no sin that is greater than the power of the blood of Christ. This blood is powerful enough to bring forgiveness and cleansing for every repented sin that is washed in the blood of Jesus. The only sin that cannot be forgiven according to scripture is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.